The core of our business is the deployment and maintenance of infrastructural solutions in Telecommunications, Power, IT, and Oil & Gas. 

We understand the challenges that upstream operators face and our managed services enable our customers to focus on their core business while reducing operational cost, increasing operational efficiency, enhancing productivity, increasing revenue, improving system reliability and customer experience while reducing related complexity and business risks.Our Solutions.

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Network Management 

Valuable insight – Remote monitoring software can take machine data and produce graphs for a better visualisation of trends and better informed decision making. 

Proactive maintenance – The remote monitoring system is able to send alerts and notifications so that issues can easily be addressed

Improved efficiencies – The system easily collects and sends all critical information to a dashboard so employees can spend more time analysing the data for increased efficiencies. 

Benefits include:

Remote data monitoring and analysis Sensor/Alarm installation, management and escalation

Real-time control and supervision of operations in your key installations, oil fields e.t.c through a NOC centre based in one or more control centers. Services include:

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Smart Pipelines 

Real time control and supervision of operations along the pipeline through a NOC centre based in one or more control centers. Accurate measure of flow,volume and levels to help ensure correct product accounting Detection and location of pipeline leakage - including time, volumes, and location distances Integration of security systems for personnel, the environment, and infrastructure using video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection systems  Management and optimization of energy consumption.


Every day, Oil and Gas companies face challenges such as increased cyber security threats, outdated legacy infrastructures, and reduced budgets which could threaten optimal performance and disrupt operations. Our Smart Pipeline service includes:

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Generator Maintenance 

We focus on solutions that help our clients reduce their power downtime for seamless operations. These include:

Supply and leasing (includes installation of Diesel Generator) Diesel generator operations, monitoring, refuelling, preventive, and corrective maintenance Generator overhaul and related replacements where applicable Generator spare parts sourcing, warehousing, and management Generator integration and synchronisation to grid power and renewable energies (Solar) Solar mini-grid construction, operations and maintenance Hybrid generator operations and maintenance Standby generator hire in critical situations, events and leasing if the period exceeds 21 days

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Solar Energy 

We set up solar power plants large enough to support our client’s energy needs during the day and couple this with a storage solution to supply energy during the night. This effectively eliminates diesel consumption while keeping the generators for emergency standby.


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Energy Audit 

Step 1: We undertake an assessment of our clients’ energy needs and the energy efficiency of their operational premises and systems.
Step 2: We present energy consumption usage and efficiency findings to make them aware of the potential energy saving measures and their cost benefit analysis.