The Pursuit of Perfect Sound


  It All Comes Down to Communication  

86% of communication over the phone comes from tone of voice* – using your voice effectively through the way you use inflection, pace and volume depends very much on the quality of the sound your headset microphone transmits to your listener.

At Sennheiser, everything we do is about improving communication. Effective communication is vital to your company’s success: It can increase sales, create an improved brand perception, solve problems faster and boost performance and productivity. It can even create happier staff and customers. Communication is at the heart of all businesses.

That’s why our headsets are designed to create the most natural, comfortable listening experience possible for both speaker and listener. Enhancing verbal communication is where our product solutions excel.

* “Call Centres: Maximising performance training manual.” Fenman Professional Training Resources  

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 Wireless Headsets

  For busy business professionals, the advantages of a wireless headset solution are obvious: Users are no longer tied to their desks and conversations on the go keep business moving. The ability to use both hands for other tasks and to answer calls when away from a desk can also boost job satisfaction and help to create a pleasant working environment, while improving a company’s overall efficiency.   

 Wired Headsets

  A wired headset solution is ideal for desk-centric users, who perform all their daily tasks at their workstation. The Sennheiser portfolio of wired headsets is ideal for contact centers, offices and Unified Communications professionals – where users are mostly stationary.  

 Bluetooth Headsets

  Whether working on the move, out in the field, at home or abroad, Sennheiser Wireless Bluetooth® headsets and accessories are sleek, smart, and easy to use. Equipped with the latest technology, these ideal communication companions are designed for busy professionals and business travelers who value the perfect blend of high quality sound and speech, day in, day out.  


  The Sennheiser Series of compact, portable speakerphones is designed to provide flexible conferencing solutions for business professionals. Literally plug in and talk, it is ideal for both personal and small group conferences. Streamlined styling, superb finish and a lightweight design signal high end quality on the desk – or wherever you choose to make your office.  

 Parts & Accessories

  Easy Disconnect Cables, Training Cables, Ear Pads, Mechanical handset lifter, EHS (Electronic Hook Switch), Headset charger stand, Headset charger cable, Bluetooth Dongle for Desk Phones, USB and mobile devices.

Check the individual device connections at the Headset Compatibility Guide

Software Download

  The free Sennheiser PC software adds value to your Sennheiser products. The software includes call control applications that enable connection between headset and UC client as well as Sennheiser Updater that facilitates fast and easy updates of products.