Sennheiser HSL 10 Mechanical handset lifter
HSL 10 Mechanical handset lifter suitable for DW Office, DW Office ML, DW Office Phone, DW Pro 1, DW Pro 1 ML, DW Pro 1 Phone, DW Pro 2, DW Pro 2 ML, DW Pro 2 Phone.
11,388.00 KSh11388.0KES
Sennheiser UI 770 universal wideband Interface box
The UI 770 is the ideal universal wideband Interface box which allows the user to connect a PC, standard phone, handset, a headset of the Sennheiser contact center or office series and even a dictaphone for voice recording. With the UI 770 you can easily switch between the headset, handset and PC, adjust the volume of the headset speaker and mute the headset microphone.
15,015.00 KSh15015.0KES
Sennheiser Security Cable Lock security cable lock
The security cable lock safely attaches devices such as speakerphones, headsets and web cameras to tables in meeting rooms and to desks. The patent-pending design prevents inconvenient borrowing and reduces the risk of theft, ensuring that the device remains where it was placed. The security cable lock is simple to use and install; users simply insert the cable(s) and close the lock.
2,893.00 KSh2893.0KES
Sennheiser BTD 800 USB high power USB dongle
BTD 800 USB is a high power USB dongle offering up to 25 metres range. Fully optimised for all Sennheiser Bluetooth headset including Presence and MB Pro series as well as all Sennheiser consumer bluetooth headsets such as Momentum Wireless and PXC 550. Available in a version optimised for Skype For Business.
10,978.00 KSh10978.0KES
Sennheiser Presence Headband
*NEW* The PRESENCE™ headband is a headband accessory for the PRESENCE™ Mobile Series. With the headband you can wear the headset more comfortably when you are in the office or when participating in longer conference calls. When in the office or at home, the headband can be easily charged with the charger stand CH 20 MB or the charger cable CH 20 MB USB.
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